Accreditation of the press

Please note that due to limited capacity of the premises registration is possible only until September 17, 2013.

Please note that the organizers are NOT able to provide you with travel and accommodation costs.

Please indicate in the registration form your preferences for particular Sessions (both for Day 1 and Day 2). Each Session will host approximately 20 guests and the organizers will do their best to register you to one particular you have chosen.

Please note that participation could be taken in one Session per day only.


Day 1

Academic session

Transatlantic Trends Report 2013

Official Reception

Registration of the participants

Session 1: Overcoming the Gaps in Security Cooperation in the Western Balkans

Session 2: New Model of State Emerging from the Economic Crisis

Session 3: Regional Cooperation and Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: Continuation or Stalemate

Session 4: Global Civics in the World in Crisis

Session 5: The Visegrad Group: Exploring the New Synergies with the Western Balkans

Day 2

Registration of the participants

Welcoming speech

Opening Panel: State Building and European Integration – Mutually Reinforcing or Contradicting Processes?

Plenary panel 1: Helsinki Plus 40: Strengthening the Security Community to Meet Current Security Challenges

Plenary panel 2: Gender at the Margins: The Role of State

Session 6: A Comparative Perspective of the International Reconciliation Models: How Similar, How Different?

Session 7: Assuring Cyber-Security in the Western Balkans and the Rest of Europe: Roles and Responsibilities of Institutions, Industry and Users?

Session 8: Rethinking the EU’s Mediterranean Policies: Europe’s Security Shortcomings

Session 9: Serbia and Kosovo*: A Game Changer in the Balkans?

Special Evening Talk: Iran After Elections: International Prospects

Official Dinner (Upon separate invitation)

Day 3

Registration of the participants

Session 10: Energy Security in SEE – Connecting or Dividing?

Session 11:Human Security in Kosovo*

Session 12: Corruption and Informality – Have the Developed Democracies and Part of Balkans Learned to Tame Them?

Session 13: NATO Facing the Unpredictable Challenges: Is New Security Architecture Transformed Enough?

Closing panel: The Balkans 2020

Closing address